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Hip injury claims

Suffering an accident that results in injury can be a physically and emotionally traumatic event that may have long-lasting consequences for your quality of life. However, you might be entitled to receive compensation for the injury that you sustained. Several different types of injury can result from an accident, and they can have a significant and even life-altering impact on your body.

Our skilled and experienced team of personal injury lawyers can guide you through the process of your no win no fee compensation claim, allowing you to receive compensation for the injury that has affected your life.

Hip injury claims

Hip injuries can be extremely painful and may result in long term damage. If you have suffered a severe hip injury, such as fractures to the hip or the pelvis, you could experience long-term suffering. Even more minor hip injuries that you will recover from within two years may be extremely painful, and you may be entitled to receive compensation.

How much compensation could I receive?

For a minor hip or pelvic injury, you may receive up to £10,000, while you could receive up to £35,00 for a moderate injury to your hips or pelvis. On average, people can receive up to £115,000 for the most severe areas sustained to these parts of the body. Additionally, you might be able to claim for any medical costs incurred or lost earnings due to days that you could not attend work because of your injury.

Hip injury

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Depending on the severity of your hip injury, your claim could be worth over £100,000, in addition to the value of any financial losses.

Injury Type Average Compensation Amounts

Severe injury to hips or pelvis:

Injuries including significant fractures or dislocations in the hips or pelvis.

£35,000 – £115,000

Moderate injury to hips or pelvis:

Significant injuries to the hips or pelvis but where any major disability is not major.   

£10,000 – £35,000

Minor injury to hips or pelvis:

Injuries that do not cause disability and are recoverable within two years.

UP TO £10,000

If you have suffered an injury to any part of your body that was not your fault, please contact us at Porter Wood Law. Our experienced and empathetic team of lawyers will support you and guide you through your no win no fee claim to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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