Back and spinal injury claims

Suffering an accident that results in injury can be a physically and emotionally traumatic event that may have long-lasting consequences for your quality of life. However, you might be entitled to receive compensation for the injury that you sustained. Several different types of injury can result from an accident, and they can have a significant and even life-altering impact on your body.

Our skilled and experienced team of personal injury lawyers can guide you through the process of your no win no fee compensation claim, allowing you to receive compensation for the injury that has affected your life.

Back and spinal injury claims

A back injury can have a substantial and life-changing effect on your life, affecting your personal and work life, along with your ability to do the things you love. Back injuries can range in severity from minor to severe. Still, every type of back injury can harm your daily routine, leave you in severe pain and leave you feeling traumatised emotionally. Our experienced lawyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve when you have an accident that was not your fault.

What will I receive compensation for?

The amount of compensation will vary depending on a variety of factors. You can receive compensation specifically for the injury itself, but you may also be entitled to remuneration for other financial losses. If you have missed days at work, lost your job because of the injury, or cannot work again, you might be eligible to receive compensation for those losses. In addition, you could receive money to pay for any medical expenses that you have had to foot the bill for yourself.

Back and spinal injury claims

How much compensation can I expect to receive?

On average, for a minor back injury, you may receive up to £10,000. Minor injuries include sprains and strains, as well as soft tissue injuries to your back that you can fully recover from within five years. A moderate injury encompasses prolapsed discs, damage to the bones in your spine, ligament damage and any damage to the soft tissue damage, which has worsened a pre-existing condition. For this kind of injury, you may receive anywhere from £10,000 to £34,000.

The most severe category of back injuries refers to spinal damage that causes significant long-term pain and has left you disabled. For these sorts of injuries, the average compensation is £34,000 – £140,000.

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Depending on the severity of your back or spinal injury, your claim could be worth over £100,000, in addition to the value of any financial losses.

Injury Type Average Compensation Amounts

Severe back injury:

Injuries including severe damage to the spine causing significant pain or disability.

£34,000 – £140,000

Moderate back injury:

Injuries including damage to spinal bones, prolapsed discs, disturbance to ligaments and soft tissue damage, which worsens a pre-existing condition.

£10,000 – £34,000

Minor back injury:

Injuries including strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries that are fully recoverable within 5 years.

UP TO £10,000

If you have suffered an injury to any part of your body that was not your fault, please contact us at Porter Wood Law. Our experienced and empathetic team of lawyers will support you and guide you through your no win no fee claim to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Thanks to all the team at Porterwood, and Craig the Solicitor whom dealt and won my claim . My claim was a fall from height to which I sustained a serious injury back in 2018 and led to quite a long recovery. My case was dealt with very professionally and thoroughly and Craig managed to get me interim payments along the way and also payments for private physiotherapy from the Defendants insurance which was of great help at the time . This is a great firm to use and I would definitely recommend them , they will give you realistic advice and have the use of numerous professionals in their field to help build your case . Thanks again, Sam .
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