Accident At Work Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an injury through an accident at work, Porter Wood Law Solicitors will help you to maximise your work accident claim

Accident At Work Compensation Claims

Almost 1.5 million working people suffer from work-related injuries each year.
While some of these injuries are minor, others can have a long-lasting impact on your day-to-day lifestyle, your physical and mental health, and even your ability to work in the future, which can lead to financial strain through loss of earnings.
If you want to claim compensation for an accident at work, it’s essential you can prove the accident was someone else’s fault. Regardless of the type of work you do or who you work for, UK law sets out lots of rules for employers to follow, which are designed to protect you while you work.

Your employer has a legal duty of care to maintain a safe working environment and stop accidents from happening. This includes providing adequate training for staff and providing correct safety wear/equipment where needed. Your employer is also required by law to have Employer’s Liability Insurance, so they are insured in the event of an accident. This insurance can be used to cover compensation claims from employees who have been injured at work.

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If you’ve suffered a personal injury at work through no fault of your own, you’re legally entitled to make a work injury compensation claim within three years of the accident date.
Porter Wood Law Solicitors is here to help you make that work accident claim.
From our offices in Preston, Lancashire our experienced personal injury solicitors will guide you through the process, helping you get back on track and getting you the compensation you deserve for your injury. We act on a no win, no fee basis, so making a claim through us is financially risk-free. There really is nothing to lose by speaking to us.

Find out how much compensation you can claim. Contact us online or call 01772 203 303 for non obligation friendly advice.

Accident Compensation Solicitors

Have you suffered an accident injury due to someone else’s negligence? Do you need help with claiming accident compensation?

Then you need the services of a professional accident injury solicitor. Porterwood Law are accident injury solicitors and specialised lawyers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims.

Porterwood Law will help you understand your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to.


Our team of specialist work injury solicitors has helped lots of people get compensation for accidents at work, including injuries sustained as a result of:

  • Unsuitable or damaged equipment
  • An unsafe system of work
  • Contact with dangerous materials
  • Poor health and safety practices
  • Dangerous working practices

Our injury solicitors help people across England and Wales, as well as locally in Preston and the North West.

We’re here every step of the way to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injury at work and to recover any financial losses you’ve suffered, as quickly as possible.

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