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Should I contact my GP after an Accident?

Should I contact my GP after an Accident?

You should visit your GP after an accident. Any legal or insurance questions are secondary things. The primary concern is your health and well-being. Therefore you should always make an appointment to see a GP. You just never know what damage many have been done.

It doesn’t matter about the type of accident. Whether it is a slip or fall, injury from a road traffic accident, or an accident at work, you should always see a GP. According to the NHS website, “The time it takes for symptoms to go away from a whiplash injury varies greatly by person.”

You could be suffering from an underlying injury you may not be aware of, such as concussion. It’s easy to make an appointment and will cost you nothing.

That’s the primary reason – your HEALTH.

Let’s discuss the secondary reason. Having a medical record of the injury from the OUTSET will make any injury compensation claim much more straightforward.  A solicitor doesn’t want to spend weeks or months trying to trace vague medical records on a case. The longer you leave it the less clear a case can be. An insurance company will initially dispute any claim. So it’s best to have medical records from the beginning.

DO YOU NEED TO START A CLAIM? If you’ve had an injury in the past 3 years you can still claim – you don’t need to claim through your insurer if you’ve been in a road traffic accident or fell in a public place.



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